eResource Challenge Lite #6

It’s time for the April edition of the eResource Challenge Lite!  Thank you to everyone who responded to last month’s challenge about city directories.  It was enlightening to learn about some specialized resources, like Fold3 at the Carnegie Library Pennsylvania Department. Take a look at all the comments and feel free to add a comment with anything that was missed.

Congratulation to Norene R. who was March’s challenge winner!  Give us your responses to April’s challenge anytime before the end of the month and you will be entered in the drawing to win another prize.

April’s Challenge:

My 1991 Ford Escort needs some major work.  It needs new anti-lock brakes, clutch, transmission, and front and rear suspension.  The mechanic I go to charges $55 an hour labor, how much do you think I’ll be paying in labor costs?  I paid $1500 for the hatchback model last year, how much would it have cost to buy this car new in 1991?

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Drive Your Patrons to Auto Repair Reference Center

I used this EBSCO support site to make some pretty nice bookmarks for the Auto Repair Reference Center.  (You’ll find promo materials for other Ebsco products too.)

Just click on “Auto Repair Reference Center”; then “ARRC bookmark A4.pdf”. Their template only allows for three lines on the back of the bookmark, so there’s not a lot of room for instructions, but they are great for pointing people in the right direction.

Check out my bookmarks here: AutoRepairReferenceCenter bookmark A4

Mary Lee Hart (Northland)

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