And Speaking of OverDrive

There’s now an option for our users to view the OverDrive website in two additional languages. Using either the drop-down menu on the upper right side of the page or the Language list on the lower right, English, Spanish or Chinese can be selected.


As you can see in these screen shots, this does not limit searching to non-English materials, it simply provides translations of some of the text that appears on the website itself.

To find materials created in languages other than English, use the Advanced Search and select a specific language from the Languages menu.


As OverDrive’s offerings continue to expand, we’ll be looking for more feedback about what languages our users would like to see represented and making sure that we continue to support the diverse needs and interests of our users.




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Double the Mango!

As we are only too aware, libraries can only house a limited number of language-learning CDs and DVDs. Recently a patron asked me for a course in Czech. Unsurprisingly, that was a language we didn’t have on our audio shelves. Fortunately, I was able to direct him to Mango Languages.

Mango offers language courses in 63 languages. It also supports ESL learners with 18 different native languages.

And now, Mango has been improved with 1000+ hours of interactive language learning! The content of over 40 language courses has doubled in size—totaling 10 new chapters for each language.  For details about which languages have expanded check out this list from Mango.

Little Pim on LaptopAdd to that the August 1st launch of Little Pim, a language-learning program for kids offering ten language options, and our patrons of all ages will be greeting us in Spanish, German, or Czech in no time!

If your library needs help in spreading the word about Mango or Little Pim, there are website tools and other promotional materials at:


Lynne (Sewickley)

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