Summer Creativity with Creativebug

Are you in a bind because a summer storm has kept you and the kids from getting outside? Well fret no more because Creativebug has you covered with plenty of kid friendly crafts and activities!

Simply filter your results to “Kids” and browse through the 219 classes to either make an item for the kids or browse the 36 “Quick Classes” to get started on a project with them! The options of what to make or learn with the tiny people in your life feels practically limitless with Creativebug.

Above are just a few fun options to keep both yourself and the kids from going stir crazy during a summer storm. Below are a few picks that may not get the crowd excited since they are back to school related but maybe they will help set everyone up for success in the coming school year.

No matter what creative endeavor you want to embark on Creativebug has you covered – especially when you want to get the kids involved!

~ Happy Crafting ~

-Adrianne, Northland Public Library

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Back to school is right around the corner!

As summer reading is winding down for many libraries, we are switching gears into the Back-to-School season. There are many resources available to library staff and patrons. Here is the link to showcase just a few – handy for bookmarking or social media posts!

Gabi – Robinson Library

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Notify Me Tags and You

Hey, champ! Let’s sit down and have a chat. You’ve been using Libby a lot recently and it has become your favorite way to read. Your friends are doing it, your family is doing it — hey, it was probably your local librarian that introduced you to Libby.

And this stock photo of a librarian wants you to know that you’re doing great!

There comes a time in a reader’s life when you’re discovering new and exciting ways to read and you’re going to have questions. Listen, sport, I get it. Sometimes you’re embarrassed to ask. Maybe you don’t want to sound naïve, but I remember back when I was just like you — I was wondering:

What is a Notify Me Tag and how does it work?

Sometimes the eBook or audiobook you’re looking for doesn’t show up when you search for it in Libby. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. These items still show up with Deep Search. What’s Deep Search? Deep Search is an optional Filter in Libby that shows you the thing you are looking for even though it isn’t currently available to you. You’ll know something isn’t available because instead of having the options to either “Borrow” or “Place Hold”, you’ll get the option: Notify Me.

A Notify Me Tag does exactly what it says on the tin: you put a Notify Me Tag on an item that you want to be notified about when it is added to the Libby collection. Folks commonly use a Notify Me Tag with their favorite magazines so they know when the latest issue becomes available. Very useful.

Want to practice real quick?

I’m looking for the book What the Dead Know: Learning About Life As a New York City Death Investigator by Barbara Butcher. See how that item isn’t listed in the results below? At the bottom of your Libby search page, you can click where it says “Deep searching is available in the filters of this list” and it will open your Filters (you can also select “deep search” any time in Filters).

Scrolling down through your Filters you will see the option to enable Deep Search. Select “deep search”, then click where it says “Show (#) Titles”, and you’ll also start seeing things not already owned.

See how when I select “deep search” it turns purple? Like I always say: highlighted purple = good to go, highlighted gray = you’ll never know.

Above, you can see examples of materials with the Notify Me option are now intermingled with items you can place a hold on or borrow. Next to the Filters button, it shows that Deep Search is enabled.

After you place a Notify Me Tag on an item, you’ll be…notified when it becomes available on Libby! It’s truly that simple. Fair warning: a Notify Me Tag doesn’t automatically place a hold for you. When you are notified, act fast so you can either Borrow or Place a Hold (depending on availability).

So, if you don’t see the eBook or audiobook you’re looking for on Libby, try enabling Deep Search! Then all you’ll need to do is hit the Notify Me button and wait for the magic to happen!

Of course, if you ever have questions, reach out to your local library.

Good chat, tiger. Wake me up in about 15 minutes, will ya? I want to check to see if my Holds came in.

Derek, South Park Twp Library

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You’re Not Holding Enough Books on Libby

We’ve all experienced it. The crushing disappointment when a book you are white-hot on has a wait list of weeks or months. “73rd in line? Come on!” Mine was The Emperor of All Maladies. I started 48th in line with only 3 copies available in the county. 40 weeks. The terror.

But, I kept my head down and listened to my current audiobook, only to experience the same frustration a week later—I had one hold, 39 weeks. There must be a better way!

You cannot speed up your holds, but you can defer them. This means, whenever a hold becomes ready, you can delay them by a custom number of days (ASAP to 180 days). You can choose “deliver later” an unlimited number of times. Combine this with everyone’s far-too-long “to read” lists, and we have a solution brewing.

Here is my method:

  • Whenever I think of a book I could be interested in listening to, I add it to my Holds List, regardless of wait time, giving me a stable of several books on hold (up to 20 with your Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh card).
  • If a book becomes available and I am not ready for it, I delay it 7 days.
  • When I am ready for a book I have delayed, I change the delay option to ASAP.
  • Voila. A rotating cadre of books you want to read that can be available within days of your readiness. Not as satisfying as having them the day you are interested in them, but they will get to you when you are ready!

For instance, it has been 40+ weeks since I held The Emperor, and I am still not ready for it. But when the time comes, it will be there waiting for me within a few days.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

Happy holding.

Cameron R.S. Smith

Cooper-Siegel Community Library  

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