eResources Changes Drop-in Session Recording

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Thank you to everyone who attended the eChanges Drop-in Sessions! We know that everyone is busy, so for those who could not attend, we recorded one of the sessions. The support materials mentioned in the session (staff FAQ, blog post, social media pieces, etc) will be ready later this week. Please reach out to Hilary if you have questions. Thank you again! 

eResources Changes Drop in Session Recording

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Long Holds List on Libby? Check Hoopla!

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I get a question sometimes that makes me smile: “Which should I use…Libby or Hoopla?” My answer is always, “Why not both?!” Then I proceed to tell them about the advantages of each, and how if something is not available on one, you can always check the other.

This is especially true when there are long…LOOOONG holds lists on Libby! Just for example, this timely title that has exploded to the top of the bestseller lists this week. Libby shows EIGHT holds per copy, which means, let’s see…eight times 3 weeks…a very, very long wait time.

BUT keep hope alive and check Hoopla…lo and behold, it’s available now! (Provided you haven’t already used your monthly checkout quota binge watching on day 1 of this month…)

I am often surprised at the number and caliber of popular titles that are immediately available on Hoopla. Take a look at this lineup this week, probably ALL of which are on a wait list on Libby. Hoopla to the rescue!

– Heather Auman, Western Allegheny Community Library

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Mystery in the Library

I have always been a lover of mystery stories from my first Encyclopedia Brown books to the Shetland series by Anne Cleeves. Before Covid I had gotten away from reading mysteries though. With the lockdown that all changed. I started reading every cozy mystery I could find on Libby. For me, mysteries were something solid and reassuring because the criminal always gets caught and justice is served!

In my quest to read as many cozy mysteries as I could, I knew I needed help with finding the best matches for my tastes. That is when I discovered Cozy Mystery List. This has become my one-stop shop for all things cozy. It’s a great resource for learning about new authors, series lists and even finding cozies by theme (i.e., animal, cooking, profession). There is even a list of cozy TV and movie mysteries.

Whether for a patron or for yourself, be sure to check out Cozy Mystery List!

Tracy – Monroeville Public Library

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eChanges Drop-in Sessions

We all know eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines are only becoming more popular. But the way publishers and vendors have designed their services to take advantage of this has become an issue that is impacting libraries all over the country. This is affecting us too, and we will have to adjust our Libby and hoopla holds and check-out limits to rein in rising costs later this year.  

These choices are the result of quantitative and qualitative research, and we acknowledge that patrons may be upset at the change. We are offering three drop-in sessions you can attend to learn more about the reason this is happening, what the changes are, and what you can do support patrons. A recording will also be available. 

Event details

Below are the session dates and times with links to the Teams meetings.

Tuesday, July 9: 1:00pm – 2:00pm 

Wednesday, July 10: 10:30am – 11:30am 

Tuesday, July 16: 1:00pm – 2:00pm 

Questions? Contact Hilary Lewis 

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