eResources Changes Drop-in Session Recording

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Thank you to everyone who attended the eChanges Drop-in Sessions! We know that everyone is busy, so for those who could not attend, we recorded one of the sessions. The support materials mentioned in the session (staff FAQ, blog post, social media pieces, etc) will be ready later this week. Please reach out to Hilary if you have questions. Thank you again! 

eResources Changes Drop in Session Recording

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Exploring Career Opportunities in PA

Assisting patrons with job and career help is an important service offered by libraries. While there is a lot of information available to job seekers, it can be challenging to find information relevant to Pennsylvania residents.

A great place to begin general job searching is with PA CareerLink, which features thousands of positions locally and state-wide.

But what if your helping a student, first time job seeker, or someone switching career fields? Someone who has no idea what careers are even available, yet alone which one is right for them. The Occupational Outlook Handbook can be helpful, but does not provide information based on our local economy.

These local job seekers may find the Pennsylvania Career Guide useful. This informational packet provides an overview of career-related topics including: occupational outlooks specifically related to positions in Pennsylvania, worksheets to help job seekers find which occupational fields might be a good fit, apprentice program opportunities in the Commonwealth, career preparation steps for high school students, resume tips, and more.

Happy career exploration!

Richelle @ Sewickley Public Library

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Maximizing Your Libby Borrowing Options

This week is more of a life improvement tip than a professional pick-me-up. As (most of us, I assume) are residents of the wonderful Allegheny County, we are entitled to a lot of electronic library resources—particularly the titles available in Libby. Despite the best efforts of the DRC, some titles are simply too popular, and waitlists can sometimes extend into weeks and months. Sure, you could just find another book to listen to/read, but wouldn’t it be nice to have even more options for borrowing?

Enter the Free Library of Philadelphia.

But wait—we do not live in Philadelphia, how is this relevant? To answer, I would like to emphasize this paragraph from the Free Library’s website:

“A Free Library card is available at no cost to anyone who lives, works, pays taxes, or goes to school in the City of Philadelphia. In addition, anyone who lives in the state of Pennsylvania can obtain a Free Library card without charge.”

This would be a great time to mention a user can load several library cards onto their Libby account. My most recent and favorite success is South to America by Imani Perry. Recommended by a coworker, I was disappointed to see the waitlist extending into the double-digit number of weeks. But, with my handy-dandy Free Library of Philadelphia card, all was not lost:

The process for getting the card was simple and painless, and you can get started HERE. Because I am not a Philadelphia resident, the approval took a little longer (a few days) than for a typical Philly-dweller. Having two large libraries’ worth of electronic resources is proving a vast quality of life improvement.

I am curious if you have any hacks you have learned over your years in the greater PA library system! Please email me at if you have any issues getting a Philadelphia card or want to swap tricks.

Happy reading.

Cameron R.S. Smith – Cooper-Siegel Community Library

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Save Money and Stress with Gale Legal Forms

Legal resources are often expensive and complex. Luckily, we have access to Gale Legal Forms. This database makes it simple to find legal forms for many of life’s milestones and business situations. They offer real estate, leases, corporations, employment, wills, sale of property, loans & financing and other business forms.

Of course, they have forms for common agreements, such as landlord/tenant leasing agreements (even tenant applications!), but the forms can get very specific to cover unique situations, such as Cohabitation and Nonmarital Agreement between Parties Living Together but Remaining Unmarried with Joint Purchase of Real Estate.

There are forms for all business types and side hustles. Some examples:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement with Massage Therapist
  • Pet Sitting Agreement with Pet Sitter – Self-Employed
  • Hair Salon Booth or Chair Rental Agreement
  • Website Design Agreement  

Chances are if you’re entering into an agreement of any kind, you can be sure that Gale Legal Forms has a form for you.

Find marketing materials here!

Leigha Lamont

Wilkinsburg Public Library & Eastridge Branch

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