Learn a new language with Mango Languages!

Learn anything from Cantonese to Ukrainian to Shakespearean English with this digital resource. Mango Languages offers multi-level courses for children and adults with visual and auditory elements. Some languages feature specialty units such as Spanish for Business or Japanese Mimetic Words.

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Mango also offers a free app so that you can learn on the go! The program will keep track of your progress so that you can pick up right where you left off.  

Happy learning! 

-Erin Weaver, Bridgeville Public Library 

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Learn a Language With Mango

Mango is an online language learning system that teaches conversational skills.

You do not need to create a user account, but it allows you to save your progress as you go. It requires only an email address and password.

Mango offers many, many languages to choose from from French, German, and Spanish to Pirate, Farsi, and Cherokee.

Lessons begin with with salutations and small talk and provide context throughout. As you move through the lessons, topics include basic topics such as the weather and more practical like moving through customs at the airport.

I hope this helps you keep busy during the summer months. Learning something new can be distracting, fun, and rewarding.

Lisa Akenhead – Northland Public Library

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Siyo! Tsalagis hiwonisgi? *

Have your patrons mastered Spanish, Italian and Pirate in Mango Languages? Challenge them to Mango’s newest language – Cherokee- a beautiful and endangered language (there are only 16,000 native speakers worldwide). The course was developed in partnership with the Cherokee Nation and the Tulsa City-County Library.

Mango has tweets, newsletter blurbs and other promotional materials ready for your library to promote Cherokee language learning at http://bit.ly/1DXYWz0

*[Hi! Do you speak Cherokee?]




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