Crafters Rejoice: Creativebug is Now Live!

The newest addition to the county’s e-resource lineup is sure to become one of our most popular resources: Creativebug.

Creativebug is a hub for any level of creative, from those just seeking out a little artistic outlet to the tried and true crafter extraordinaire. There are hundreds of classes to choose from and each can be done at the pace of the user—no pressure to complete a class on any specific timeline.

It’s a quick process for patrons to sign up for Creativebug. You only need to provide your library card number, your e-mail address, and create a password.

There are a variety of one-off projects that can be done in an afternoon. If you enjoy a particular instructor, you can take more of their classes as they expand on a specific pursuit. For instance, Yao Cheng is a popular Creativebug instructor that focuses on watercolor. You can begin with her “Supplies and Basic Techniques” class before moving onto “Mark-Making and Expression Brush Strokes.”

Each class includes the accompanying video, but also supplemental materials. You can view transcript of the class or download a PDF that includes the necessary materials and the procedure to complete the project. This is perfect for group work (including library-sponsored programs).

Along the bottom of the video are the supplemental material options.

Beyond these class offerings, Creativebug also has a Daily Practice series that includes over 50 topics. These are designed to help users pursue a specific artistic endeavor as a daily (or, almost daily!) exercise. These are less about the final result and more about the journey along the way.

As virtual programming continues, Creativebug is a great way to provide patrons with creative projects that they can complete on their own time.

Happy creating!

Jeff, South Park

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Quick Reads with Flipster

Need something quick to read but you don’t want to commit to a whole novel – Flipster has you covered with magazines! You can use Flipster to read many different magazines on your phone or tablet.

You can browse the most recently published magazines, or you can browse the titles from A to Z. You can even create a bookmark in a magazine and give it a name with meaning to you so you can easily spot an article you want to come back to and read later.

Flipster‘s sorting function
Naming a Bookmark in Flipster

Whether you are looking to read Vanity Fair or find something for your niece to read in Cricket Flipster will have something for you!


Northland Public Library

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Start Off the New Year with A New Language

Things are still complicated but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set a New Year’s Resolution for 2021. It is the Year of the Ox so change up the old saying up and grab the Ox by the horns and start studying a new language today! Mango Languages is a great way to study a new language now so when the world opens back up you are all set to go – all you will need to do is pack your bags!

Mango Languages offers over 70 languages to learn including some of the most widely spoken languages like Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Mango Languages utilizes native speakers to help learners hear the nuances in pronunciation and helpful breakdowns of conversational language. The classes are also broken down into helpful chapters that highlight the learning topics so if you just need a refresher on how to ask directions in French you can easily look through the French classes for the chapter on Directions!

Be prepared to get out there and take the trip of your dreams when the world opens back up by brushing up on all the languages you may need now with Mango Languages!

감사합니다 (Thank you)

Adrianne, Northland Public Library

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Zinio now Available on Overdrive

With Overdrive’s acquisition of RBDigital in 2020, more magazines are available for simultaneous checkout than ever before. No waiting for the latest edition, just borrow and start reading. Magazines can be read in your browser or on the Libby app.

This is a great resource to promote to our patrons since so many of our patrons aren’t able to come in to our libraries and browse our magazine collection.

Tracy — Monroeville Public Library

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