Why is that one book cover so BIG on the OverDrive page?

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Did you know that we are currently participating in the Big Library Read, a pilot program from OverDrive and Sourcebooks?  They’re hoping it turns into the largest global reading event ever. The program is made possible due to the generous donation of the title from the author, Michael Malone. For a limited time (May 15 – June 1, 2013) participating libraries are being provided no-cost simultaneous access to The Four Corners of the Sky.

More than 7,500 libraries from 10 countries across five continents are participating and millions of people are being invited to read the book, a tale about love, secrets, and the mysterious bonds of family.   The title is being prominently displayed on our OverDrive-powered library website and will be simultaneously available for any and all readers with a library card to browse, sample, and borrow. At the end of the pilot period, the title will no longer be available for simultaneous use but we will still have at least one copy in our ebook collection.

Clearly, readers are accepting the invitation—in the last week, the copy available through our OverDrive site has circulated 148 times.

Together with Sourcebooks, OverDrive will be tracking interest and sales that may result for this title (in print and in eBook formats), as well as how the exposure for the author impacts sales and interest for his other books. Library Journal Magazine has agreed to assist with data review and analysis following the pilot. It’s possible that the information collection will enable public libraries to organize local and regional Big Library Read eBook events and promote authors and titles from a vast catalog of available eBooks for library lending. 

Library staff and patrons are invited to join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter (#BigLibraryRead). Be sure to follow OverDrive’s Digital Library Blog for the latest news and results of the Big Library Read.

 Lisa (CLP)

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