Wilson Databases Now Part of EBSCOhost

At the beginning of 2012 Wilson Databases and EBSCOhost merged.  Allegheny County residents have had access to Wilson Databases such as Omni File Mega and Science Full Text Select from the Pennsylvania PowerLibrary databases for the last few years.  Those databases are still available but have been migrated to the EBSCOhost platform. This is the same platform that is currently used with Ebsco’s MasterFile Premier and LISTA.

Ebsco has put together a handy guide to the transition which you can download in pdf format hereMore information can be found at support.ebsco.com

If you are in charge of your library’s website and would like to avoid the confusion of having to select from an array of databases you can use this URL to do a intergrated search of all EBSCOhost databases:

You can also download logos to create direct links to databases that increase usage and exposure. They can be placed anywhere on your website:

Creating a direct database link is easy. You will start with this: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,cpid&custid=s4663075&profile=ehost&defaultdb=
Use the link below to find the database code that you will enter after the “=” in the url. 

If you are linking directly to Novelist you will use this:

Remember to sign up for next week’s History Database Training at Monroeville or Green Tree.

-Dustin/Northern Tier

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