Upgraded Resource Update: Business Insights Global

Allegheny County library users now have access to Business Insights: Global.  Business Insights: Global is a purchased upgrade to the resource Business Insights: Essentials which was the upgrade to Business and Company Resource Center….confusing huh?

Here’s an explanation: Business Insights: Essentials contains all the content from Business and Company Resource Center, with a modern interface and added functionality. Our library system has Business Insights: Global, which
has all the content of Business Insights: Essentials with added company information from around the world, not just the United States.

If you library individually links to this resource you should update your URL to this: http://www.einetwork.net/ein/galegroup.cfm?db=BIG

Your library should also be receiving some bookmarks to inform patrons about this upgraded resource.

Below are some informational and educational videos that Gale has provided to help introduce you to the basics of using Business Insights: Essentials:

Dustin S.