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Have you recently been stumped by something really simple?

Take Libby — so straightforward compared to the Overdrive app.

Heck if I could find my reading history, though.

Maybe because I haven’t had to click around 500 times to find the book I just borrowed; maybe because it is so simple to just start reading;  maybe because Libby keeps it simple and ALL activity (current loans, returns, and holds) is in one place.  I think I was looking for the word ‘history’ and missed the word ‘activity’ altogether.

For your READING HISTORY in Libby,

  • Shelf (lower right)
  • Activity (top menu bar)
  • Ta-da — hiding in plain sight.
    • Choose the circle with three dots inside to stop or start recording your history or to clear your entire history.


— Christy Barowich, Carnegie Library of McKeesport


libby how to find reading activity


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  1. Megan Fogt, CLP - Squirrel Hill

    Thanks for the tip! I love Libby because it’s so intuitive for getting the book and reading the book – but sometimes the more detailed stuff is truly hidden! I spent 15 minutes with a patron yesterday trying to work out how adding two library cards works on Libby and how to know which card you are using!

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