Watch a Movie in Mango Languages

I love the movies in Mango Languages. Currently there are movies in French, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, German, and Japanese. To access the movies in Mango, click on the “Languages” tab. Then click on “All Movies”. The movies will display.

Before watching the movie choose either “Movie Mode” (“Sit back and enjoy the show!”) or “Engage Mode”, which helps you learn dialogue, grammar, and culture with short lessons and interactive content.

Then choose subtitles. For example, you can have either English, German, English and German, or no subtitles.

Each scene has a “Scene Introduction”

Scene Introduction

and each scene has a “Follow-up” which reviews the scene’s dialog part by part.


If you love languages, and would like to get beyond “How much is the bill, please”. Or if you just love movies, you should check it out.

Mary Lee Hart, Northland

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  1. Farmerie, Linda

    i learn something new every day. thanks!!


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