How Stuff Works: A Resource for the Curious

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Maybe you wanted to know more about the bidet craze since the pandemic began or maybe you are looking to get more informed about since that deadline is soon approaching – either way How Stuff Works has you covered!

How Stuff Works allows you to search whatever topic you choose, or you can choose from their provided topics along the top of the page as you explore. Once you choose your initial topic the field will narrow again, and you can again choose a more specific topic. How Stuff Works will provide you with a range of articles to choose from as you navigate through the results page.

How Stuff Works also offers unbiased and reliable reviews in five categories (including life insurance and mortgage refinance) if you would like some free reviews on these important topics click on Reviews on the main page.

If you prefer to have a little more fun and games with your learning rather than a cut and dry article you can check out the Quizzes option on the main page of the website. This will redirect you to the How Stuff Works Play subsite where you can take fun quizzes while learning along the way.

Maybe you are thinking I would really like to learn something new, but I just do not have time to sit down and read through a bunch of articles! Don’t worry How Stuff Works understands and that is why they have many podcasts to choose from and if you choose the Podcast option on the Main Page you can look through all the podcasts How Stuff Works has to offer.

This year has been stressful but sometimes learning something new and exciting can give you a great positive boost! The Allegheny County Libraries hope we can help you learn something new and give you that great positive boost.


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