In any language, it’s still Overdrive!

There are a couple different ways to find e-books in languages other than English on Overdrive. First, you can click “Subject” at the top and then scroll down to find a “Non-English” subject like fiction, nonfiction, or even more specifically narrowed by age, like “Non-English Young Adult Fiction” in just one click.

The other option is to start with any search, subject, or interest level, and then narrow to the specific language you want in the side menu.

Don’t forget you can always toggle Overdrive to a different language mode altogether, so that the entire browsing and checkout experience appears in either Spanish or Chinese. That option shows up in the upper right corner of the website.

The Libby app has language options too, but they vary by your device and its operating system. Just click Libby and check under “Settings” however, and she’ll walk you through how it’s done!

– Heather Auman, Western Allegheny Community Library

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The many languages of Hoopla

This week we want to highlight all the languages Hoopla digital has to offer for children.

Using Hoopla’s Kids Mod, you can filter the audiobooks by language.

There are currently 23 language options for children’s audiobooks. Alongside these wonderful language options, there is also many bilingual titles available in Spanish, French, Chinses, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Japanese, and more.

Gabi – Robinson Library

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Learn Something New With Hoopla

Hoopla has great ebooks, audiobooks, movies, and more but did you know they have a collection just waiting to help you learn something new? If you click on ebooks on the main page of Hoopla and then choose “Genres & Collections” there is a collection just waiting to be picked through that offers a wonderful selection of books to teach you something new.

You can learn how to bake great cookies, how to do pottery, journaling, make your own wine, or even pick up a new language! The possibilities seem every growing with 77 different titles to read and 77 different interests to choose from!

Browse for a new interest, hobby, or learning experience with Hoopla!

Happy Learning!

-Adrianne, Northland Public Library

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Creativebug App and Apple TV

Hopefully you and your patrons are enjoying all the amazing craft projects available from Creativebug. But are you also utilizing the app?

After you are logged into Creativebug, scroll down until you see the link to explore the apps.

From here you can now download the app through the link on the site or search the App Store or Google Play on your device. Once installed you will have access to all of the classes and projects available through the website.

In addition to the apps, you can also watch Creativebug on Apple TV. Hopefully, they will make it available for other streaming devices one day!

Happy crafting!

Tracy – Monroeville Public Library

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