NEW: hoopla BingePass

hoopla BingePass is a brand new experience that gives library patrons unlimited streaming of great online content for 7 days with just a single hoopla Instant borrow. 

BingePass is a new format on hoopla — patrons can browse it just like they would browse audiobooks, eBooks, movies, etc. They’ll find it with the “More” button in hoopla’s bottom navigation on a mobile device. (See app screenshot below.)

BingePass is launching with:

  • hoopla Magazines BingePass – patrons can access current issues of 50 popular and in-demand magazine titles with just one hoopla Instant borrow!
  • The Great Courses BingePass – patrons can complete a whole course from The Great Courses, or browse a variety of topics of interest, all with a single hoopla Instant borrow.
  • Curiosity Stream BingePass – patrons get access to thousands of documentaries and nonfiction series featuring many different topics, like science, history, technology, lifestyle, and more. Plus, there’s great children’s content!

Get the word out to your patrons today about the new hoopla BingePass format by using the marketing materials from hoopla.

And stay tuned because hoopla says there is more great BingePass content to be added in 2022!

-Richelle @ Sewickley Public Library

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CIA World Factbook

I think a lot of us know that the CIA World Factbook is a great place to turn for basic facts, maps, and images of countries around the world. But…did you know that it is also a source of information for travelers? Search for any country and one of your choices in the results is “Travel Facts.” Clicking on this provides a wealth of information from State Department travel recommendations and visa requirements to types of outlets used and tourist destinations. The printable PDF also supplies links to other sites such as the World Health Organization that may be useful. Happy travels!

Lisa Akenhead – Northland Public Library

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New Year, New Hobbies

If you’re like me, you’re constantly trying out new hobbies or things your patrons are into. I recently took up digital drawing to better connect to our teens. After acquiring the teen recommended apps and an Apple Pencil, I started searching for tutorials and classes. That’s when I went to Creativebug.


They had a wonderful class on the basics of illustrating in Procreate! With all Creativebug class, there is a comment section perfect for asking questions and sharing other tips and tricks you may have discovered!

So, if you or a patron is looking for new hobby instructions, don’t forget Creativebug!

Gabi – Robinson Library

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Overdrive app sunsetting…

As a reminder – the legacy OverDrive app will be removed from app stores on February 23, 2022. What does this mean for you and your patrons?

Starting February 23, 2022:
The OverDrive app will be removed from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Microsoft store. Download links for the legacy OverDrive desktop app for Windows and Mac will be removed from

New users looking for the OverDrive app will be directed to Libby.

NOTE: Users who previously installed the OverDrive app (mobile or desktop) will still be able to use it without disruption (for now!).

All users can continue to access your library’s OverDrive website.

Later this year, Overdrive will share more details on how app users will be prompted to switch to Libby and the plans and timing for eventual retirement of the OverDrive app.

How to prepare:
Review your library’s website and promotional materials to ensure you’re actively promoting Libby and no longer referencing the OverDrive app.

Inform all staff of the change so they will be able to assist patrons in the transition.

–Heather Auman
Western Allegheny Community Library

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