Use Libby without the App

Did you know that library users can access the ease of Libby without downloading the app?

Any device with a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge) can access which provides the functionality of the Libby App without having to download the app to your device. This can be really useful for patrons with older devices (running iOS 9 or earlier/Android 4 and earlier); patrons using a Windows computer, Mac computer, or a Chromebook; or – most probably – patrons using Amazon Kindle devices that do not support the Libby App who can no longer download the OverDrive app.

You can also use the website version to introduce patrons to the functionality of Libby in the instance that they forgot the password that lets them download apps on their device. (We’ve all been there, am I right?)

One of the only differences with is that you cannot download titles for use offline. The user must be connected to the internet to access the titles.

Try it out! Visit to get started.

Happy Reading!
Richelle @ Sewickley Public Library