Libby Updates: Sort and filter loans, holds, tags, and timeline activities

Based on popular request, customers can now filter their wish list and other tags by availability. If desired, customers can pin this filter to see titles that are immediately available to borrow from any of their tags.

Additional updates include:

  • Sort and filter options are tailored for each Shelf screen. For example, customers can sort their Loans screen by “due next” and sort their Holds screen by “expected next,” among other options.
  • Customers with multiple library cards can filter their Loans, Holds, or Timeline activity by library.
  • Customers can optionally pin their preferred sort and filter options. Once a filter is pinned, Libby will automatically remember that filter the next time the customer visits that screen. For example, a customer could sort their Loans by “due next” and pin that option to ensure their Loans screen always displays books in order of due date. Note: Not all filters can be pinned.

From the Timeline, after tapping Filter button users will see a graph of their reading activity by year. They can further filter to see their reading activity for a specific year graphed by month.

In an upcoming release, Libby will also have updated options for customers to sort and filter lists and search results when browsing our library’s collection—stay tuned for more information.

~ Hilary Lewis, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

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  1. Jan

    A recommendations option on Libby as on Overdrive would be great! Any chance Libby is working on this?

    1. backstage

      Hi Jan ~ Thanks for asking! Yes – this is one of the updates that OverDrive is working on for Libby. I don’t know when they expect it to be rolled out, but as soon as I hear it’s coming I will share that information out to staff. I know it’s a feature people really want to see in Libby. Thanks again for reaching out! Hilary

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