New Language Learning Resource

Earlier this year, we shared exciting new databases from the PA PowerLibrary. Have you tried any of the new resources?

We have! And we want to make sure everyone knows about Transparent Language Online! This online learning tool offers courses on over 120+ languages, including multiple dialects. Work through units & lessons to gain knowledge about the language, then practice using reading, speaking, listening & writing techniques.

Categories focus on the essentials, grammar, vocabulary, and languages for business & travel. Courses vary in levels from basic to intermediate and advanced fluency.

Patrons can utilize Transparent Language Online on its own or pair it with the library’s other language resource, Mango Languages.

Create an account to track your progress, otherwise, continue in guest mode. Either way, you still get full-access to all of the helpful content.

Get started honing your language learning skills today!

Richelle at Sewickley Public Library

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Ahoy, Mateys!

Shiver me timbers!  Did you know that the Mango Languages database offers a course in Pirate?!  Learn lingo, dialect, and more!

Of course there are lessons for Italian, German, Thai, Polish, French and many other languages for all you landlubbers out there.

Mango Languages not only teaches you grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills, but also provides interesting cultural notes!

 Also, don’t forget about Mango Languages’ Translator.  This convenient tool will translate your text from one language to another with ease. And, unlike those free ones on the web, this one you can trust.

 Remember, “to err is human, to arr is pirate!”

– Rob (Bethel Park)

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