It’s Your Lucky Day!

Beginning July 1, we are starting a new lending project within our OverDrive collection. It is called Lucky Day and works in the same way a print bestsellers collection works. If you go to the OverDrive site/app and you see a Lucky Day title that is available, you can check it out even if there are holds on that title. Lucky Day is in a pilot phase right now, and we have signed up to be a pilot library.

A few details about the program

  1. Lucky Day titles will be curated in a collection and will show up like other curated collections on our OverDrive website or apps.
  2. On Libby, if a customer checks out a Lucky Day copy of a title that they have on hold, the hold will automatically be cancelled.
  3. On the OverDrive app or desktop, if a customer checks out a Lucky Day copy of a title that they have on hold, they will be asked if they want to cancel their hold. If they stay on hold and reach the top of the wait list, the hold won’t be released while they have the Lucky Day copy checked out (titles can’t be borrowed twice concurrently).
  4. Lucky Day copies will have the same lending period as holdable copies – 21 days.
  5. The plan is to have several Lucky Day titles available at any given time, but they will disappear once they are checked out. If there are no Lucky Day titles available, the lane will not show up at all.
  6. Lucky Day copies will not show up in our Catalog. When a customer searches for a title in our OPAC, they will see the title but will only see the the number of holdable copies. If the customer clicks through to our OverDrive website and there is an available Lucky Day copy, they will be able to check it out there.
  7. Patrons will just have to see what Lucky Day titles are available when they come to the site/app. It really is just luck if you get one.

As this is a pilot, there will more than likely be a few bumps in the road. We will be sharing feedback and suggestions with OverDrive, so please share your (and your customers!) comments, questions or concerns with us. Please send your feedback to Hilary Lewis ( Thank you!