Hoopla – helping you learn new hobbies

While running virtual programs I have been sharing all the wonderful e-resources we have to offer to our patrons who are not comfortable coming into the library yet, or their home library isn’t yet fully operational. One resource I’ve been sharing is Hoopla. We all know the amazing things they have to offer. I had not realized the full extent until Tuesday night when I was hosting an open mic night over Zoom and one of our attendees was so excited to share with me all the how to videos he found! So that got me thinking, he found how-to videos for learning guitar and piano…what else is there? SO I went on a Hoopla search and here is what I found!

So whether you are wanting to learn new skills or hobbies,or shaking off the cobwebs, be sure to remember Hoopla for videos as well as e-books and e-audio for all your how-to needs!

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  1. Kathy Maron-Wood

    Thank you for this info!

    1. DRC VIP

      Hi Kathy ~ I’m glad you’re finding this information useful! Thank you!! Hilary

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