Overdrive app sunsets today…

Just a reminder that the classic Overdrive app will be disappearing from Apple and Android appstores as of February 23. This means that new users will not be able to download the classic app, and will instead be directed to use Libby. Which is great, because we all know Libby is SO much better – easier to navigate and much more user-friendly!

We have however recently learned that the Overdrive app will remain (for the moment!) in the Amazon appstore. This is good news for Kindle Fire users, since Libby is still not available on those devices. How long it will remain available from Amazon, and if Libby (as we hope!) will eventually be provided for Kindle Fire, remains to be seen, but in the meantime Kindle Fire users will still be able to download and use Overdrive.

Another piece of news is that the desktop “Overdrive Media Console” will also no longer be available for new downloads. This software was used exclusively for audiobook users who had non-smart MP3 players (iPod shuffle, for example) that don’t take apps on them, so that they could download the audiobooks to the console and then sync them to their devices. Current users of the software will still be able to use it, but new users will have to find some other way of getting their audiobooks, through a smart or streaming device.

If you’d like some tips on how to help patrons make the transition to Libby, there’s an upcoming webinar: “Getting Started with Libby” hosted by Overdrive. You can register here.

So long, Overdrive Legacy app…we knew you well. And hello to Libby by Overdrive – we’re glad you’re here to stay!

Heather Auman
Western Allegheny Community Library