World Book Online: Now Added to Your eLibrary Lineup!

For those who used the free access to World Book Online during the time it was specially available this year, we have good news! World Book Online has now been added to the regular lineup available through your county eLibrary. World Book, a trusted name in print encyclopedias for decades, now offers an online encyclopedia containing thousands of informational articles with illustrations, videos, interactive maps, research help, and activities for kids, students, and adults.

The initial landing page is divided by audience (Kids, Student, Advanced), making it easy to navigate to the part of the site that is appropriate for your age group.

Far from offering a black-and-white text block, World Book Online is graphically rich and easy to navigate, and includes tons of learning extension. The Kids section in particular includes crafts, puzzles, activities, science projects, and more, to make learning more fun and multi-faceted.

For older students and adults, it is also useful to have a reliable, current resource to point to for accurate information, free of fake news and even deliberately user-sabotaged entries as in other online encyclopedias. The “Behind the Headlines” section in the Advanced module seems particularly useful to this end, and certainly relevant for a time when Facebook is used more to spread misinformation than fact.

In short, World Book Online seems a perfect resource for users of all ages to explore on their own or in conjunction with a specific lesson plan in mind, and we’re glad to have it added to our eLibrary lineup!

— Heather Auman, Western Allegheny Community Library